Are Bidets Safe For Women? - Learn How To Use Them Properly

We all know that bidets are a game-changer for the health and hygiene of your genitals and bottoms. They are not only hygienic but are also sustainable and great for the environment. You can keep your private parts happy and save some bucks on toilet paper rolls and wet wipes.

Many questions can arise when women consider using or investing in a bidet. For example, some of the common questions one may have are "how to use a bidet as a woman?" or are bidets bad for women? 

So let's dig a bit deeper and answer some of these common queries about bidets. 

To put it simply, bidets are for everyone! Due to the complexities of vaginal health, it is understandable why people may ask, "are bidets safe for women?" 

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Bidets are absolutely safe and sanitary for anyone with a vagina. Today, we will talk about bidets and women's health and how bidets can benefit females. 

Without further ado, let's discuss - are bidets safe for women? along with other frequently asked questions.

Are Bidets Safe For Women?

Being concerned about your genital health is extremely important as women are more likely to suffer from UTIs, yeast infections, and annoying vaginal health conditions. As a result, it's understandable that you might worry about cleaning with water every time you go to the bathroom.

Fortunately, bidets are completely safe for female genitalia. You can spray water from front to back using the bidet's front wash feature, sometimes referred to as feminine wash. Just like you would wipe going from front to back.  

With this cleaning technique, any piece of debris that makes its way from the anus will be prevented from infecting the vagina. 

Apart from that, make sure the bidet toilet seat is completely dry, as moisture can cause yeast and bacterial growth. You can also dab the toilet seat with a few squares of toilet paper or reusable cloth. 

Using a bidet is highly advantageous for women in terms of hygiene. A bidet offers women a quick and effective cleaning of their genitals during their menstrual cycle. Washing outer genitals with the bidet toilet spray can help prevent infections, irritation, and inflammation. 

If you're someone who experiences a lot of inflammation and irritation because of your sensitive skin. In that case, a bidet can help reduce it and minimise the discomfort by washing the area gently with cold water. 

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Some bidets offer a spray feature known as a "feminine wash"; this setting thoroughly cleans a woman's genital area using a more expansive, alternate spray pattern that creates a softer wash. The bidet toilet spray adjusts to the appropriate position to reach the area needing to be cleaned.

Another reason why bidets are safer for women than toilet papers and wet wipes is that they have added chemicals and fragrances that can irritate your skin.

Can Bidets Be Used After Their Childbirth 

After giving birth, a woman's vaginal area is sore and irritated. Cleaning the room with a cool, feminine wash can help relieve some of the discomforts and soothe the inflammation go away faster.

What Problems Do Women Experience With Bidets?

In general, bidets are considered safe for both men and women; however, you must take certain precautions to ensure safety.

One may likely experience a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), skin problems, or bacterial vaginitis if they don't clean their bidet toilet seat or bidet attachments like bidet toilet spray regularly. An unclean and unhygienic bidet is heaven for bacteria and infections; waiting to pray on your genital health. 

But luckily, these health concerns can be prevented by ensuring proper hygiene of bidets.

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You can avoid issues like UTIs by using clean water directly on your urethra after urinating. And it is recommended that you wipe your genitals from front to back to eliminate the risks of UTIs.

The front-to-back wiping technique helps in ensuring that faecal microbes don't spread around the urethra, as it is in closer proximity to the anus.

Skin conditions like bacterial vaginosis can result from damp skin and surfaces. Microbes that are responsible for these conditions need water to grow, and prolonged contact with excessive moisture on the skin can create an ideal environment for infection. 

Even though bidets are hygienic and safe for you, you do need to dry yourself before going about your day. It doesn't matter what kind of bidet you use, and you need to dry yourself sufficiently afterwards. 

This is something that some people fail to do. So you need to dab yourself dry with a reusable cloth or toilet paper, or you can invest in an electric bidet as they provide warm air dryers, which are always effective. 

What Is The Right Way To Use A Bidet?

It is best to familiarise yourself with the functions of the bidet and how it works before you use it for the first time. You can use the bidet toilet spray nozzle and flush the bidet to determine where the water is coming from so you know where to position yourself. 

Furthermore, you will be able to gauge the pressure of the water so that you don't come up short.

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Bidets are used after using the toilet. You can stay seated if you use a bidet toilet or a bidet seat attachment. When you are using the freestanding bidet (a separate toilet and bidet), you'd need to get up and straddle the bidet to face the bidet's water controls.

You can control the water's pressure and temperature and see where the water comes out, making it easier to clean yourself.

Benefits Of Using A Bidet

There is a misconception that women can only use bidets after peeing to clean their genitals. However, many people wonder whether the extra clean provided by a bidet is really necessary when doing one's business.

It is common to use a bidet after peeing. People with physical limitations, women, and men with certain conditions like urinary incontinence often use the bidet after urinating. Using a bidet can replace toilet paper after urinating for women, though the vagina still needs to be dried.

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Many hand-held bidet attachments like a toilet bidet spray and an electric bidet with a frontal wash feature are used to clean the entire perennial area. You might need that extra thorough cleaning a bidet is known for from time to time.

Apart from that, a bidet has several uses and benefits, to name a few:

  • It Can Help In Reducing Vaginal Inflammation And Skin Irritation.
  • It Keeps Your Genitals Happy And Healthy.
  • It Can Reduce The Risk Of Infection And Bacteria That Cheap Toilet Papers Or Scented Wet Wipes Can Cause.
  • Bidets Are Eco-Friendly. 
  • Bidets Are A One-Time Investment That Lasts A Lifetime; This Means You Can Save Money By Not Buying Toilet Paper And Wet Wipes.

Clearing That Up!

We hope this was helpful and that we were able to answer all your questions about bidets and whether bidets are safe for women or not. If you're looking to make a switch, you should check out our collection of bidets and bidet toilet seat attachments and get the perfect one for your home.