Best Types Of Bidets in 2023

Bidets have been around for centuries and have been used in many different cultures. Bidet toilet seats have become increasingly popular in the United States because of their ability to help people with hemorrhoids and other medical conditions. Bidet attachments are also commonly used, but they're more difficult to install and may be less comfortable than other options. Handheld bidets are another option if you don't want to pay for a new toilet seat or attachment; however, this method doesn't always offer the same level of comfort as other products on the market today. Finally, there are stand alone bidets that can be purchased on their own or installed into existing toilets at home or work.

There are many different types of bidets, but the main difference is whether or not the bidet connects to your toilet.

  • Bidet toilet seats are connected to the toilet. The bidet seat has a hose attached on the front of it, usually near where you would put your feet when sitting down on a regular toilet seat. It's connected to a water tank in your bathroom and can be operated by remote control or by pressing buttons on a panel next to it.
  • Bidet attachments are not connected to the toilet but instead attach directly onto one side of an existing toilet (usually either right or left). These bidets use similar technology and features as those that include a connection between them and your bathroom's plumbing system, except they don't require any installation work beyond installing their own plumbing lines into the wall adjacent from where your current pipes go into place (and then attaching them there). This type is more prone than others because if something goes wrong with one part of its operation then all bets are off since there aren't really any easy ways for anyone who isn't trained as an electrician or plumber could fix this problem without hiring someone from outside who knows how everything works together inside these units!

Bidet Toilet Seats

smart seat bidet

Bidet toilet seats are the most common type of bidet. They attach to your toilet and can be installed by a professional or by yourself. The only requirement for installation is that you have a water supply line in the same room as your toilet, or close enough for easy piping. Bidet toilet seats are usually more expensive than other types of bidets because they're built with higher quality materials.

Bidet Attachments

bidet attachments

If you already have a toilet, a bidet attachment is a great choice for you. They're easy to install and remove, don't cost as much as stand alone bidets, and are powerful enough to get the job done. However, this type of product does not provide the same level of comfort as a full-fledged standalone unit.

Handheld Bidets

portable electric bidet

Handheld bidets or also known as portable bidet or travel bidet, from the name itself, these are convenient, portable and can be used anywhere. They're easy to use, easy to install, and affordable.

Integrated Toilets with Built-in Bidets

One of the best things about bidet toilet seats is the variety. You can find them integrated or separate, and with a wide range of features to suit your personal needs. Integrated bidets are easy to install since they don't require any additional piping but you get more options when buying a separate one as they come with many more features than integrated units. If you have an existing toilet seat already then consider buying a separate bidet toilet seat as it will be easier for you to clean it out after use and save money in the long run by not having to purchase replacement parts regularly if anything breaks down over time due to regular wear-and-tear on your bathroom fixture.

Stand Alone Bidets

Stand-alone bidets are the most popular option for those who want a new bathroom fixture. These units are installed as separate pieces of furniture, so they can be placed in any room and moved around at will. The downside to stand-alone bidets is that they usually cost more than their wall-mounted counterparts; however, if you have a particular style or color in mind (or if your home just doesn't have enough room for an additional fixture), this may be the best choice for you. Since stand alone bidets don't require additional plumbing work, installing one yourself is fairly easy—even if it means hiring a plumber to help out with more complicated tasks like rerouting pipes or patching up holes where certain things used to be located!

Remember to research which bidet is best for your home and needs!

The best bidet for you depends on your needs. If you have limited space in your bathroom, then a portable bidet may be the best option for you. If you want to avoid additional plumbing work, then a standalone model is likely better for you. Consider how much time and money it would take to install a more permanent fixture like a built-in bidet or toilet seat attachment before making any final decisions.

Remember that there are many different types of bidets, so make sure to research which one will work best with your existing hardware and bathroom layout!


We hope this article has given you a good idea of what to look for when shopping for a bidet. Whether you’re looking for a standalone bidet or an integrated toilet with built-in bidet capabilities, there are many options that can make your bathroom cleaner and more comfortable.