Bidet Vs Wet Wipes - The Showdown!

To wipe, or to wash, is the question. 

And in today's article, we will answer a common inquiry regarding bidet Vs wet wipes- what's the better option? It is a genuine concern. After all, why does one need to invest in an expensive foreign hygiene appliance when they have a cheaper and readily available solution?

Bidets and wet wipes are used to perform a similar task of cleaning the posterior and frontal body (colon and feminine hygiene, respectively). But which is the better option? Let's find out!

Do Bidets Work?

Let's focus on bidets first. The most basic questions are "What are bidets?" "Do bidets work?" “is a bidet better than wiping” and "Would a bidet attachment be more effective than a bidet toilet seat?"

Bidet attachments are an exotic hygiene appliance that is highly popular among Asian cultures, especially in Japan. 

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Bidets are washbasin-like bowls that you can sit on - these are designed to help people wash their genitalia, buttocks, and anus region. Many modern-day bidets include

  • A Plumbed Water Supply.
  • A Drainage Opening.
  • Warm Water Attachment Which Keeps The Toilet Seat Warm.

It might be more comfortable to use a bidet toilet seat than the traditional toilet seat, and it often runs on electricity and replaces your existing toilet seat. For instance, a luxury bidet toilet seat might come with a self-cleaning cycle or a seat warmer.

In contrast, your toilet can be equipped with a bidet attachment, which uses water to provide basic water cleaning, sometimes with dual temperature control. However, any type of bidet can be effective for cleaning, and it's because a bidet's magic lies in a simple but powerful splash of water!

In most bidets, the water flow pressure can be controlled, which gives you greater control over the cleaning process. Once you have a bidet, you can test different water pressures and washing times to determine which makes you feel the cleanest.

Since everyone has their individual bathroom habits, what works for one bidet user might not work for another. That's why bidets are made in different styles! Some people prefer a bidet with a dryer feature to have a hands-free experience. In comparison, others prefer using a simple bidet and gently dabbing dry their skin with toilet paper.

It doesn't matter what type of bidet you use; the powerful flow of clean, fresh water will wash everything down the toilet. A bidet works in the same way that you would rinse off sweat after a workout or thoroughly wash your hands after working on a project. Bidets use the power of water to clean your skin.

Bidet attachments and bidet toilet seats might be the way of the future. And now that we have established that bidets work, let's answer the age-old question- "Is a bidet better than wiping?"

Are Bidets Better Than Wiping?

The short answer is- Yes, they are. Bidets save up a lot of toilet paper which in turn saves our natural environment. They are also a lot more hygienic compared to wiping, even with wet wipes.

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Let's dig a little deeper to understand why bidets are better than toilet papers and wet wipes.

Benefits Of Using A Bidet

There are many ways that a bidet can help you maintain your overall hygiene, so if you have not considered getting one yet, now may be the right time. Here's a list of advantages you can enjoy with a bidet:

1. Improved Personal Hygiene 

The first and most important reason for every house to have bidets is to enhance hygiene. We would never rub our hands with soft paper in an attempt to get rid of dirt if our hands were dirty. Using the bathroom is no different, so why do we treat it differently?

When you have a bidet, you can easily clean your private body parts and feel fresh, even if you're not used to cleaning your genitalia. The use of a bidet might also prevent bacteria from spreading around and wash them away into the drain, limiting the spread of common illnesses.

2. Eco-Friendly 

When you have a bidet in your bathroom, you won't need flushable wet wipes either. 

Bidets eliminate the need for flushable wet wipes or tissue papers, which are purchased for extra cleanliness, but they cause considerable damage to your region's plumbing and harm the environment. Bidets also help keep the environment clean by not adding to it.

Additionally, by using no paper or wipes, you prevent your drainage system from becoming clogged and malfunctioning.

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3. Kinder To Your Skin

Even premium toilet roll and wet wipes brands that advertise themselves as being super soft can irritate your skin. Chemicals used in the process and colouring of the toilet paper or the wet wipe can also irritate the skin, as can added ingredients like lotions and scents.

Using a toilet roll can be extremely uncomfortable after giving birth or after surgery, and washing with tepid water can be soothing and won't irritate the skin.

Also, people with health issues have difficulty maintaining proper hygiene without bidets. For instance, People have trouble cleaning their hemorrhoid's properly with a toilet roll or a wipe. A bidet, however, can be used to clean the posterior area gently.

4. Cost-Efficient

We spend an awful lot of money purchasing toilet papers or wet wipes every week, and then we flush them down the toilet- and then proceed to wash our hands. What if we could remove toilet rolls and wet wipes as the middlemen and wash our rear ends with a bidet? 


You can invest in a bidet without breaking the bank. And buying a bidet attachment for a toilet seat will only help you save money in the long run. Save your money and the planet by making a one-time investment in a bidet.

5. The “Luxe” Factor

Another important reason you might want a bidet in your bathroom is that it is a very luxurious and valuable addition. Almost every luxurious bathroom design has to have a space for a standalone bidet. Is there any reason you shouldn't? It adds convenience, saves money, and can be used anytime.

Overall, a bidet will satisfy your needs for cleanliness, health, hygiene, and comfort. 

If you don’t want a standalone bidet, you can check out one of our luxurious bidet attachment that integrates with your existing pot.

Disadvantages Of Using A Bidet

1. Space

A standalone bidet takes up more space in your bathroom, so you can opt for bidet attachment or bidet toilet seat if you have a small bathroom space.

2. Difficult To Use

It can be tricky for first-time users but will only get better once you are well equipped with it.

3. Renovations

It may require minor renovations for installations if you plan on putting a standalone bidet.

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But the debate on bidet Vs wet wipes isn't over yet. 

Wet wipes have been considered a better alternative to toilet rolls and may seem cheaper to bidets, but what is the reality exactly? 

Let's look at the pros and cons of wet wipes and find out, "are wet wipes bad for you?"

Are Wet Wipes Bad For You?

Benefits Of Wet Wipes

If you go to the bathroom, you probably won't give it a second thought: You do your business, grab your wet wipe, clean, flush, and go about your day. However, wet wipes are becoming a growing part of the market, and they're no longer just for diapered babies. So now the question is- "would it be a good idea to use this?"

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Here are some advantages of wet wipes:

1. They Do The Job

Wet wipes get the job done. You can quickly clean the soiled area with wet wipes. Wipes are better than toilet paper when cleaning the rear ends, and they are hygienic, soft and gentle on your skin.

2. Short-Term Savings 

Wet wipes are a better alternative to toilet paper and affordable to bidets. Some bidets can cost a lot up front, but they help you save money in the long run. Wet wipes may be affordable and help with short-term savings but will not help you save money in the long run.

3. Easy to use 

Wet wipes are extremely easy to use, even for a beginner. All you need to do is take them out for a pack and clean your bits and dispose of the used wipes. They are gentle and hygienic compared to toilet paper.

Even with their limited advantages, wet wipes have numerous cons and should be reconsidered to be used in the bathroom. Let's answer the question- are wet wipes bad for you? 

The simple answer is "yes", and here's why:

Disadvantages Of Wet Wipes

1. Harsh Chemicals

Wet wipes have added chemicals for cleaning and fragrance that can irritate your skin. They are unsuitable for you if you're going through health conditions like hemorrhoids. Using a bidet will keep your skin around sensitive areas clean, safe, and suitable for you if you face health issues.

2. Bad For The Environment 

Many wet wipes brands use non-biodegradable material, which poses a threat to the environment. Fortunately, this is a problem that you can resolve through proper disposals, such as incineration or recycling.

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3. Not Suitable For A Long-Term Commitment 

Wet wipes are slightly more expensive than toilet paper or other cleaning issues. Due to this, you can't use it as toilet paper regularly unless you're willing to dig deeper into your pockets.

4. Clogging 

This is the most widespread concern regarding the use of wet wipes. An increasing number of urban areas experience flooding due to blocked sewer systems every year, and it is claimed that the use of wet wipes is a contributing factor.

It has also been speculated that the chemicals might affect bacteria in wastewater treatment centres, meaning they could be harmful to septic tanks.

Bidet Vs. Wet Wipes - Who Wins?

So, there you have it, the bidet Vs wet wipes discussion ends here. 

In terms of posterior and frontal cleansing, wet wipes and bidet beat toilet paper, and a bidet doesn't smear the skin with faeces, which may be another advantage in choosing one. Even so, bidets outperform wet wipes in terms of cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

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There are several benefits of using bidets over wet wipes, including greater efficacy, reduced smearing (potentially better hygiene), and lower long-term costs. Finally, bidets save water and trees, making them more environmentally friendly.

Thus, if you have to choose, get a bidet. If your budget is limited, go for a bidet toilet seat or a toilet bidet spray. Check out our wide range of Bidet attachments for your home today.