Can A Bidet provide relief from Constipation or Cure Haemorrhoids?

Suffering from gut issues like constipation and haemorrhoids that make a pooping something straight out of a horror movie for you? You aren’t alone. Many people around the world suffer from gut issues of different kinds. And while there are several methods to alleviate such problems, bidets are one of the most underrated. 

Bidets are one of the few toilet accessories that provide several health benefits. But do bidets help with constipation? Can bidets help with haemorrhoids? What are other diseases it can relieve? Read on to find all your answers!

What is Constipation?

Constipation is a medical condition associated with your gut, wherein you have difficulty passing stool, your stool is hard and lumpy, or you poop less than thrice a week. Most of us have had acute constipation at some point or another. But several people have chronic constipation. 

According to a study, about 24% of Australian adults suffer from chronic constipation. And while there are several home remedies and diet changes that can help with the condition, constipation can often remain untreated or ineffectively treated. 

Various factors can contribute to constipation, some of which might be other underlying diseases. However, in many cases, it happens because of dehydration, poor diet, lack of physical activity, and lifestyle choices. 

Some possible treatments for constipation can include targeting the causes directly. Constipation can be improved by eating a balanced diet, taking proper medications, exercising and practising yoga.

Do Bidets Help With Constipation?

You already know diet, lifestyle, and medicine can all help with constipation. But what about bidets? Do bidets help with constipation?

The answer is a big fat Yes! According to research, the high-pressure water flow from bidets can stimulate your butt and reduce constipation severity. This is because bidets increase anal resting pressure, which helps with the movement of the bowel through the rectum and butthole. 

To poop when you’re constipated with the help of a bidet, you need to first aim the bidet at your rear such that it hits your butthole directly. Then, ensure that the water pressure is high but not uncomfortable. Doing all this is easier if you have a bidet toilet seat with an adjustable nozzle and water pressure. 

There's no need to worry if your bidet attachment does not come with so many features. You’ll just need to move around a little to ensure that the bidet stream hits your bum right, but once you do, relax!

What Are Haemorrhoids?

Haemorrhoids, also called piles, occur when the veins in your rectal or anal region swell. These are of two types: 

  • Internal Haemorrhoids: Internal haemorrhoids occur when the veins of your rectum swell up. 
  • External Haemorrhoids: These occur due to the veins under the anal skin swelling up.

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Whether they’re internal or external, haemorrhoids can be hugely uncomfortable. They can make pooping and even sitting a nightmare. While passing the bowel, they can also bleed, causing pain. 

While haemorrhoids can be cured by surgical or semi-surgical procedures, there are several ways to manage them to reduce discomfort. Diet and lifestyle changes, home remedies, and medications like pain relief, numbing, or steroids, help immensely. 

Can Bidets Help With Haemorrhoids?

The health benefits of bidets are already well-known, but can bidets help with haemorrhoids? Yes, they can!

A comfortable toilet bidet spray can go a long way in relieving the pain and discomfort that haemorrhoids cause. Research found that using bidet the right way can stimulate and relieve the pressure on the swollen nerves, kind of working like a sitz bath, making it far more pleasant to poop. 

If you’re planning to use a bidet for hemorrhoid relief, you should keep in mind one thing: in this case, you don’t have to use a high-pressure stream. Instead, a low-pressure setting on your bidet is the way to go. 

For those who have had haemorrhoidectomy, a surgery meant to cure haemorrhoids, bidets can be a blessing. Since wiping with even the softest toilet paper is harsher on your butt than a stream of water, for people in post-surgery recovery, bidets can help clean the butt gently and without irritating the sensitive skin. 


An electric bidet toilet seat is more effective than a non-electric, manual bidet. This is because electric bidets and bidet attachments have features like warm air butt dryer, rotatable nozzle, and seat warmer, all of which make pooping comfy and convenient. 

If you can’t afford an electric bidet, you can always look for a manual warm water bidet attachment. These might require some plumbing adjustments but are a cost-effective alternative to luxury bidet toilet seats. 

Other Health Issues That Bidets Can Help

Here are some other health conditions that bidets, especially heated bidet attachments, can help you with: 

Overall Genital Health: There has been some research that indicates that bidets are good for female's genital health and are also entirely safe during pregnancy. Using a bidet to clean your genitalia has several benefits. 

Anal fissures: Just like they help with haemorrhoids, bidets can relieve pressure on the anus and cause relief to anal fissure patients as they poop. 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: People suffering from irritable bowel syndrome can benefit from bidet use because bidet is gentler on the butt than toilet paper. 

Apart from these, bidets also have a better cleaning ability than toilet papers and do not require one to use their hands. This is why people who use bidets are at a lower risk of spreading faecal bacteria through their hands to other surfaces. When you use a bidet, you can rest assured that you’re fully clean. 

Clearing That Up!

Now that you know the wide range of health issues that bidets can help with, and their benefits for patients suffering from hemorrhoids and constipation, don't wait too long to get yourself the best toilet seat for a bidet. You can easily find a good-quality bidet in Australia that’ll help you with a myriad of health problems. So shop away for the best bidet!