Can You Install A Bidet On A Concealed Toilet?

Walk into a luxe, modern bathroom, and you won't see a traditional toilet and cistern. These days, concealed toilets are far more popular. They're an elegant, space-saving, and aesthetically pleasing alternative. A bidet for concealed toilets can enhance the luxury and comfort even more. 

Bidets are becoming commonplace toilet accessories around Australia, and so are concealed toilets. But can one really go with the other? Keep reading to know whether or not you can comfortably install a bidet on a concealed toilet.

Is It Possible To Install Bidets On Concealed Toilets?

Yes, installing bidets on concealed, wall-hung, and skirted toilets is possible, but with certain special arrangements. 

standard toilet


In a standard toilet with an exposed cistern, the water supply to the cistern and the shut-off valve is exposed too. If you want to install a bidet attachment, in this case, all you have to do is draw the bidet's water supply from the cistern's water supply. 

In the case of a concealed cistern and toilet, things are a little more complicated. Read below to learn more about these complications. 

Problems With Installing Bidets On Concealed Toilet Seats

If you've stuck around, you know that installing a bidet for a concealed toilet is not a piece of cake. Here are some common challenges that arise.

Accessing The Fill Valve

Most bidets come with t-connectors that require a water supply from the fill valve. Since concealed trapway, wall-hung, and skirted toilets have this valve behind the cistern/wall, it is not easy to access.

Mounting the Bidet

Bidets come with specific mounting mechanisms and hardware. This hardware may not always be compatible with the skirted or concealed toilet rim. Attaching the seat to the concealed toilet, therefore, becomes challenging. 

bidet attachment


Another difficulty in installing a bidet on a concealed toilet is the large ⅞" connector. Since there is little space between the fill valve and the toilet rim, this connector might not fit in there. 

But this problem can easily be solved with the best bidet toilet seats for concealed toilets. With the proper bidet attachment, mounting shouldn't be a problem. 

Problems with Wall-Hung Toilets

Let's talk about a wall-hung toilet. In this case, the water supply is entirely inside the wall with the cistern and flushing system and drainage pipe. This makes it far more complicated to install a bidet. 

This won't be a massive problem if you're getting a new bathroom built or having an old one remodelled. Your plumber could simply provide an extra exposed shut-off valve near the toilet.

But if your wall-hung toilet is already in place, it would be more of a challenge. That isn't to say that getting a bidet toilet seat for a wall-hung toilet is impossible unless you're building or remodelling your bathroom. 

Your plumber could use an exposed angled valve anywhere in your bathroom and a long hose connector to supply water to the bidet. 

An additional issue that arises with wall-hung toilets is the mounting holes. Wall-hung toilets do not allow access to the space underneath the mounting holes. So for these, top-mounting bolts work rather than traditional bracket nuts and bolts of bidets. 

Requirement For Electric Sockets

A common type of bidet these days is an electric one. Electric bidets have several advanced features like warm water toilet bidet spray, dryers, pressure control, antimicrobial spray, etc. Naturally, these require a nearby electrical outlet. 

electronic bidet

In the case of conventional toilets, this outlet can be on the wall behind the exposed cistern. However, this might not be possible when it comes to concealed cisterns and wall-hung toilets. 

Since the wall behind the toilet contains the cisterns and the water supply pipes, installing an electrical outlet is challenging and dangerous. 

So if you want an electric bidet for your concealed toilet, consult your electrician and work out a solution before you invest in a bidet. This way, if there's any chance you won't be able to get an electrical connection near the toilet seat, you'll not be stuck with an incompatible bidet attachment. 

How to Choose the Right Bidet Attachment for Your Concealed Toilet?

Considering all the problems you just read about, choosing the right bidet for a concealed toilet might seem like a pain. But we're here to help you. Check out some tips to choose the proper bidet attachment for your concealed toilet.

1. Check Compatibility

Always ensure that your chosen bidet is 100% compatible with your concealed toilet. There are a lot of parameters for compatibility that you must check. 

Firstly, remember that wall-hung and skirted toilets these days aren't just oval or round in shape. They can be square or rectangle as well. In such cases, using the typical oval or round bidet toilet seats isn't feasible. 

check compatibility


Another thing you must keep in mind is the availability of a hot water source. Heated bidet attachments often require both hot and cold water supplies, which might not be available in your bathroom. 

So if you want a non-electric warm water bidet attachment, check with your plumber whether or not installing it would be possible before shopping for one. 

2. Analyse Whether Or Not You Want Permanent Changes In The Property

If you live in a rental property, chances are, you can't make any irreversible alterations to the property. 

toy frogs on a toilet


As mentioned before, some bidets for concealed toilets need additional exposed water shut-off valves. This would require a permanent hole and an additional pipe, both of which might not be allowed on your property. 

If that's the case, try looking for a bidet that wouldn't require any irreversible changes to the building. 

3. Consider Your Budget

Since bidet is a luxury product that can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, this is a bit of obvious advice. With concealed toilets, though, you don't just have to consider the bidet's price. 

Additional mounting hardware and special provisions to fit the bidet would need additional funds. So when planning your budget for buying a bidet for your concealed toilet, keep these extra expenses in mind too. 

A good option to control your budget would be to choose a bidet attachment for concealed toilets. These can be purchased affordably on our site. Check out our bidet attachment collection  

4. Consider Portable, Handheld, And Standalone Bidets As They Are A Good Alternative

Although portable bidets are usually seen as a travel accessory, you can consider buying a portable one if you absolutely can't find a way to get a bidet seat for a concealed toilet. You can easily find excellent portable bidets in Australia that'll both last long and do a great job.

A handheld bidet is a good option too. These are very common in countries like India and the Middle east. Others are slowly catching on in the rest of the world. Even with a wall-hung or skirted toilet, you could easily have a separate angled valve with a water supply attached to the wall beside your toilet and get a handheld bidet installed. 

handheld bidet


Figuring out how to use a handheld bidet will be difficult at first, but you should soon get used to it. 

Finally, if you have the space, you can choose to install a standalone bidet in your bathroom. Standalone bidets aren't very common in modern times, but they're an excellent alternative to bidet seats for concealed toilets. 

Shop Away For The Right Bidet!

Now that you know that you can install a bidet on a concealed toilet, it's only a matter of choosing the right one. Before you shop for the best bidet for your concealed toilet, consider all our advice mentioned above or consult an expert plumber. 

Check and analyse all the features, price, and compatibility thoroughly, and once you've found the right bidet toilet seat, put it in your cart and shop away!