Do You Need to Wipe After Using A Bidet?

Bidets are viewed as more hygienic than toilet paper by many, but whether or not one should wipe after using a bidet is debated. Bidets are gaining in popularity across the western hemisphere, and for a good reason - they're a great way to clean up and feel refreshed after a bowel movement, save our precious environment and are an affordable alternative to toilet paper.

Do you often find yourself needing to wipe after using a bidet? If so, you're not alone.

Many toilet paper users find themselves reaching for their beloved cleaning vessel after using the bum shower or bidet, which is a bit counterproductive. So many of you asked us, do I need to wipe after using a bidet? And we're here to answer!

Are Bidets Effective at Cleaning?

Yes. Bidets are incredibly effective at cleaning your rear side thoroughly. Imagine a soiled car after you've just driven through dirty roads. Would you use a roll of toilet paper to clean it? Or would you go for a water pipe? The same principle applies here as well.

girl using bidet and toilet paper

Do I Need To Wipe After Using The Bidet?

Many experts believe a bidet does the same job as toilet paper at cleaning your bottom as you would with a wipe after using it. Others argue that it's crucial to wipe after using a bidet because the water can leave behind bacteria that can cause infections.

Should You Wipe After Using A Bidet?

Technically, no. You shouldn't wipe after using the bidet, as the stream from the bidet is enough to clean your bum and keep you completely hygienic. However, if you don't like being wet down under, you can use a tiny amount of toilet paper to pat yourself dry. You can also try out these greener alternatives to toilet paper to dry yourself.

So, while there's no hard and fast rule about wiping after using a bidet, you can wipe if you prefer a completely dry bottom, or you can let nature do its work and dry your bum for you.

At the end of the day, the decision is yours. Go ahead and wipe after using a bidet if you feel like you need to, as wiping isn't compulsory if you don't feel the need.

empty toiler paper roll

Can You Be Completely Dry Without Using Toilet Paper?

Yes you can. Just use a bidet or a bidet attachment that has a built-in air dryer or drying function like the SMART SEAT Electric Bidet Attachment or similar products that can help you air dry your bum.

Wrapping Up!

Bidets are a great way to eliminate waste, promote hygiene, and reduce the chances of getting urinary tract infections (UTIs) in females. So it's definitely a worthy investment and a must-have for every Australian home.

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