Don't Be Foolish! - Common Bidet Myths Busted!

While bidets are a common fixture in many parts of the world, Americans and Australians are yet to accept a bidet as a necessary toilet accessory for personal hygiene.    


The ever-growing bidet myths are to be blamed here! 

Talk to anyone who uses bidets. They can't imagine going back after getting so impressed by its features, comfort, and cleanliness.  

If the bidet myths are pushing you in a yes-no situation about bidet attachments, read on as we debunk the most common bidet misconceptions and offer clear facts about bidets. 

This will help you clear your doubts and switch to bidets with any second thoughts.

Most Common Myths About Bidets - Busted!!

Here are the common bidet myths you should always avoid. After all, all these are MYTHS! 

Myth #1: A Toilet Paper Is Better Than A Bidet

Fact: A Bidet Is More Environmentally Sound


One of the biggest bidet myths is that a bidet is not eco-friendly. In reality, a bidet is proven to be more environmentally sound than toilet paper. How? Read on. 

They don’t require millions of paper that are made from trees to manufacture. And the water used by bidets is trivial when compared to the manufacturing of toilet paper. It’s truly a friend to the environment.

Here's an interesting fact. 

According to statistics, 184 million toilet paper rolls (or 42 million tons) are used worldwide. Roughly 1712 million trees are cut down to manufacture such a huge volume of paper rolls? 

So, what is more, caring towards mother Earth? Toilet paper or bidet? I hope it's now easier for you to decide.  

Myth #2: Bidets Leave The Bathroom In A Mess

Fact: They Keep The Mess At Bay


Another bidet misconception is that it's messy. This is just not true in any case. 

In all modern bidet designs you'll see, there's a feature called a built-in water channel or sprayer. This channel or sprayer helps to reduce the mess up to a minimum level. 

So, this is how it works. The toilet bidet spray directs the required water on the target areas - genitals, perineum, and inner buttocks instead of spraying the water all around. 

Sounds even more sanitary and practical than toilet papers, right?

Moreover, a variety of bidet attachments are available now, including a dryer to prevent mess. Do you expect your cleaning to be easier and more hygienic than this?

Myth #3: Bidet Installation Is Not Everyone's Cup Of Tea

Fact: Bidet Installation Takes 5-10 Minutes 

Installing a complete bidet unit requires professional help. I agree. 


However, it's not true in the case of a bidet toilet seat. It's the modern solution to convert your existing toilet into a bidet without hassles in just a few minutes. Yes, in a few minutes!

All you have to do is replace your current toilet seat with the best appropriate bidet toilet seat to enjoy all the features of the bidet without actually installing a new bidet toilet. 

Thus, bidets are a space-saver in all terms. And, if you're in the capacity to spend a little bit above your budget, we recommend a smart electric bidet toilet seat - a luxurious addition to your bathroom.

An electric bidet seat comes with a dryer, massager, self-cleaning nozzles, and much more. Not to mention a one-touch button that adjusts the water pressure to comfort your butt.

Myth #4: Bidets Are Expensive

Fact: There Are Plenty Of Models Available At Lower Prices


Does the high price of a bidet stop you from getting one? If so, you're wrong again. Although the conventional bidets are expensive to purchase and also difficult to install, it's not true for the newer models. 

There are a lot of new bidets you can choose from that come under your budget.

For example, bidet attachments for less than $100 are plentiful online. If it’s still over your budget, there are bidet attachments available under $30 as well.

Speaking of installation, 5-10 minutes are enough to get the bidet ready for your trip to the hygienic, mess-free, and convenient bathroom. So, now you know, bidets are designed for everyone and to satisfy every need and budget.

Myth #5: Excessive Use Of Bidets Result In Hemorrhoids And Poor Vaginal Health 

Fact: Bidets Prevent Hemorrhoids And Promote Good Vaginal Health 


Hemorrhoids or piles are a very common problem whose risk increases with age. However, linking it to the excessive use of bidets is just not true in any case. 

A JKMS study found that an electric bidet or any regular model with a warm water bidet attachment lowers the blood pressure around the genital to prevent piles. 

And guess what? Switching to bidets from the traditional toilet seats is said to promote good vaginal health among pregnant women. Nevertheless, you'd consider models with a dedicated front-facing water jet feature for the same.  

Myth #6: Bidets And Hygiene Do Not Go Hand-In-Hand

Fact: Bidets Are Hygienic 


If you're wondering whether bidets are hygienic or not, it highly depends on how you maintain them. Don't worry. Maintaining bidets is not a headache.

But, a bidet falls in the sanitary toilet seat category because most bidets have built-in self-cleaning features. For example, rotating nozzles. 

These nozzles work best to counter the various bacteria that can attack your bidet seat. Some of them are Escherichia, Streptococcus, Enterococcus, and the like. 

Once you're done using the bidet, press the button, and the seat will get sanitised as it should be. 

FYI, adequate use of bidets also decreases the build-up of bacteria in your urine which, in turn, indicates the sanitary nature of the product. 

Myth #7: Using A Bidet Requires The Soap

Fact: You Don't Need To Use Any Soap With A Bidet


It may be a popular opinion among many. But, using a mix of your regular soap and bidet water to cleanse your sensitive areas does more harm than good. 

The most common harm is the drying out mucus membrane - an inner lining around your body parts such as the nose, stomach, etc. Due to this, the chances of inflammation, skin infection, and lichen sclerosus increase. 

Hence, you must not mix soap with the bidet water to cleanse the sensitive areas. Instead, the aerated water coming out from bidets is enough for a good cleansing burst. 

Since modern bidets come with a built-in water channel to completely wash off your buttocks, it helps in avoiding itchy back carriage or pruritus ani

This condition occurs as a result of poor hygiene around your butt due to the constant use of dry toilet paper.

Myth #8: Men Cannot Use A Bidet

Fact: Men Can Also Use A Bidet


Who said bidets were only engineered to help women during menstruation and breastfeeding? This is another bidet myth. Although it's a fact that the idea of a bidet first came across to help ladies, it's not true that men can not use it. 

Bidets are suitable for all, be it men, women, kids, or senior citizens. Due to this reason, bidets are sometimes accompanied by hand-held sprayers, bidet chairs, and other bidet accessories for ultimate comfort.

Myth #9: A Bidet Is Difficult To Use

Fact: Even Kids Can Use A Bidet


The use of bidets is not rocket science. Anyone can learn to use them perfectly within a short period.

Even though the concept of bidets is not new, putting anything to use for the first time is a challenge for everyone. The same is valid for bidets. However, once you get accustomed to them, there is no looking back. 

From the ease of sitting over a stable bidet seat to getting the residue and bacteria cleaned without hands or soap, a bidet is known for these. 

So, these are the top nine bidet myths you must know. Do not fall prey to any of these!

Is Now The Right Time To Add A Bidet To Your Home?

Yes, now is the right time to add a bidet to your home. You need not add more room to your current bathroom design or prepare a special budget before heading to our online store or a store nearby. 

You can find a variety of economic bidet models with all the essential features to make your next bathroom trip more enjoyable.

If you have limited space to fit a bidet, you can go ahead with a bidet seat instead that would easily fit right over your existing toilet. And guess what? You need not worry about calling the plumber for the installation since everything is DIY. 


Most bidet seats usually take water from the older toilet's water line and electricity (if you have an electric bidet seat) from any adjacent power outlet. 

Furthermore, you can heat your seat with a single push button in winter. 

So, what are your thoughts about a bidet? Having one sounds kind of essential right now, doesn’t it?

Who Can Benefit From A Bidet?

Another common question about bidets is their demographic. That is, who should use a bidet or who can benefit from a bidet. 

So, a simple answer to this is - anyone can benefit from the use of a bidet. 

Be it women, men, children, or senior citizens, people of all genders and age groups can enjoy the several benefits offered by bidets. 

The Bottom Line.

Bidets are not a new concept as many of you may think. The first bidet made its appearance in the 1700s in France. Since then, it has been a crucial part of every household in the Asian, European, and South American countries. 

It has quite an interesting history. Take a look at the history of bidets 

In Japan alone, over 77% of households have at least one bidet at home, and for a good reason. They are hygienic, safe to use, long-lasting, comfortable, economical, and just what everyone wants! 

If you still have not given bidets a try due to the above misconceptions, it is highly recommended to do so. You can start with a portable bidet toilet seat and go on to install a full bidet unit with tons of other features.