Is a hand-held bidet better than a toilet-mounted bidet?

You have numerous options to choose from if you are looking for the best bidet attachment for your toilet but having so many options is a bit overwhelming. In the case of bidets, it's more confusing because there are multiple types available, so choosing the right one can be daunting. 

Handheld bidets are one of the cheapest non-electronic options you find in the market. But are they better than a toilet-mounted bidet? Should you purchase one? It is easy to get tangled up in a lot of questions in your head.

Hence, we have drawn this comparison of handheld bidet vs. seat bidet to give you a clear idea of what you should pick. If you are ready, let's get started!

What is a Handheld Bidet?

Let's start by giving you a basic idea of both these bidets and how they function. So, what are handheld bidets? Well, you have probably seen the bidet already. It looks like a hand-held shower that you can hold in your hands and spray your undercarriage with. 

Handheld bidets are non-electronic and cheaper than electronic or most other bidet options. Those are also the type of toilet bidet that doesn't attach to the toilet either. Later in this article, we have talked about the various advantages of handheld sprayers. 

What is a Toilet-Mounted Bidet?

A seat bidet or toilet-mounted bidet is a bidet seat or bidet attachment installed with your toilet. It has a prefixed nozzle pointed at your undercarriage. Toilet-mounted bidets or bidet seats are among the most popular types of bidets in Australia. 

In the US, there has been a spike in the sale of bidets during the pandemic. Best bidet toilet seats are somewhat costlier. But, they come with many features, including hot and cold water settings. 

Bidets of different types are becoming increasingly popular among the public as hygiene becomes more important. Be it toilet-mounted or handheld, bidets help you maintain better personal hygiene. 

Now, let's move forward and find out the key differences between handheld vs. bidet seats. 

Handheld Bidet vs. Seat Bidet: Comparisons


If we have to compare these two, we have to start with the features. Both handheld and bidet seats have similar functions. They are both designed to clean your undercarriage after a toilet session. But, when you compare the features, you will find a significant difference. 

First, handheld bidets are mechanical models known for their simplicity. They do not have many features as compared to electric bidet toilet seats. On the other hand, bidet toilet seats may come with various features, from pressure to temperature control and more. 

Verdict: If you want something simple, you should use handheld sprayers. But, if you want more features, bidet seats are a better alternative. 

Water Pressure

Water pressure is the most important point of comparison. It is what makes your cleaning experience better. The preference for water pressure may vary from person to person. 

First, handheld bidets get water supply directly from your tank. Hence, the water pressure in a handheld bidet depends on your home's water pressure. It is the same for non-electric bidet seats as well. But, if you have an electric bidet seat, you can expect to get a pressure control feature. 

In general, mechanical or non-electric bidets tend to have more water pressure. In that case, a sprayer would have more pressure. While you can control the pressure on electric bidet seats, it can be tricky to maintain it on handheld bidets. 

But, you can manage pressure on a handheld bidet by installing a T-connector and keeping it partially closed. That will reduce the water pressure. Electric bidets won't be able to provide you with such spray. But, then again, it doesn't mean that they don't provide good cleaning

Verdict: If you want more water pressure, you should go for handheld sprayers. 

User Friendliness

When it comes to user-friendliness, the comparison is a bit tricky. Handheld sprayers have a simpler design and function. You will know what to do with this when you get it in your hand. It has a simple spray with a handle that you push when you need spray. 

On the other hand, bidet seats have a nozzle installed under the toilet. It is also easy to use. But you need to know the functions first. In the case of electric bidet toilet seats, you need to learn about other features, such as which button to press to perform what. 

Verdict: If you want a straightforward model and are ready to give up some features, you can go for handheld bidets. Bidet seats are also easy to use. But, you will have to learn a bit before using them. If you are okay with that, bidet seats are excellent. 


Installation of handheld bidets is comparatively easier than bidet seats. Especially if your bidet seat is an electric model, you will need some help installing it. Plus, you will need a power supply where you can plug it in. 

On the other hand, handheld bidets require connecting the hose to the main water supply and adding a T-connector to control the pressure. 

Verdict: If you worry about installation, handheld bidets are a better alternative. But, if you think you can manage it or call for professional help, installing a bidet seat won't be an issue. 

Electricity Consumption

If paying electricity bills is your concern, then handheld bidets are the ultimate option for you. Handheld bidets are entirely mechanical. Hence, you don't need to plug it into a power source or worry about electricity consumption. 

On the other hand, non-electric bidet seats can also be practical. But, electric bidet seats may end up consuming more electricity. It entirely depends on what type you prefer to use. 


Verdict: Anyone concerned with electricity consumption should use mechanical bidets, such as handheld bidet spray. But, you can save electricity by using mechanical bidet seats or electric bidets, which consume less electricity. 


In terms of price, handheld bidets are cheaper than any bidet seats. However, you can find variety in prices in both these types. Such differences exist because the handheld bidets have fewer features than the latter.

On the other hand, bidet seats may also require additional installation. It means that you may need a professional to get those installed. Hence, the installation price, coupled with the base price, increases the overall cost of a bidet seat. 

Verdict: If you want to walk on an economic path and save a couple of bucks, you should opt for handheld bidet sprays. But, if you are okay with shading some extra cash for the additional features, bidet seats are the goal. 

Our Verdict: Handheld Bidet Vs. Seat Bidet - Which one is the Winner

It is hard to term any one of these types as the winner. Both handheld bidet and bidet seats have their pros and cons. While bidet seats have more features, they are also pricier than handheld bidets. Plus, bidet seats are not ideal in terms of mobility.

Then again, if you have patients at your home, you will find bidet seats more accommodating than handheld sprays. Bidet seats have a nozzle targeted at the right spot. You just need the press of a button for it to work. 

Cleaning is the same for both types. However, you will find the handheld spray to have more pressure.

Prioritising your preferences before you buy one would be beneficial. If you think you want to save money and electricity and are okay with minimal additional features, handheld bidets are the best option. But, if you wish to have comfort and advanced features, bidet seats are excellent. 

But, there are some reasons why many people prefer handheld bidets over bidet seats.

Advantages of Using Handheld Bidets over Bidet Seats:

Better Hygiene

First of all, bidet sprays are not attached to the toilet. Therefore, there is zero contact with the toilet, in any case, helping it maintain better hygiene. Also, you can move the spray and angles as per your preference. 

No Electricity Cost

Bidet sprays or handheld bidets are mechanical devices that do not require any electrical power. Thus, it saves your monthly electricity bills while ensuring better health and personal hygiene. 

Better Mobility 

Handheld bidets are ideal in terms of mobility. They have a long extension that lets you move with the bidet comfortably. It also allows you to use the bidet as a shower spray.

Lower Upfront Investment

Handheld bidets are probably the cheapest mechanical bidet option you get in the market. Plus, the installation cost for a handheld bidet is also meagre. The cost of a handheld bidet sprayer is almost nothing when compared to electrical bidet seats.

Our Pick for Handheld Bidet Attachment:

If you consider buying a handheld bidet, you can try these Handheld bidet spray. They are affordable yet have a good build quality with ABS and brass core body. If you can push your budget a little higher, this Wall Mount Matte Black Shower Bidet would be an ideal option. It has a very classic matte black design with a brass body and comes with necessary toilet accessories. 

How to Install a Handheld Bidet Attachment:


Now that you have decided to purchase one of these bidet sprayers, let's see how you can install them in your washroom. 

To install a toilet bidet spray, follow these simple steps below:

  • Start by selecting the side of the toilet you prefer. 
  • Turn off the water supply to the toilet. Find the shutoff valve below.
  • Now, you have to find the fill-in valve of the toilet. 
  • Connect the water supply hose to the lower connection of the T-valve and the sprayer on the upper end. 
  • Now, attach the sprayer head to the other end of the hose.
  • You may have to drill your washroom wall to place the bidet holder. 
  • Once done, turn on the water supply and check the pressure. You can change the pressure using the T-valve installed below. 

Voila! You have successfully installed your handheld bidet in your washroom!  

Clearing That Up!

The use of bidets is constantly rising across the globe. It is no longer a culture of the Asians, English, or French. Any person concerned about toilet hygiene would always want something like this in their washroom. So, when you draw a comparison between the types, it is more about which one you prefer. 

Many would prefer handheld over bidet seats because of the reasons mentioned above. If you are someone who wants to save electricity and can manage with simplicity, handheld bidets are the best option. 

We hope you had a nice time reading this!


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