Is Bidet Water Really Clean?

The bidet is a fixture that many people aren't familiar with, but it's becoming more popular in the United States and other parts of the world. The main reason for this increase in popularity is that bidet water can actually be cleaner than toilet paper. 

bidet water

Bidet water is generally clean, here's why.

Bidet water is generally clean. Some bidets have their own tanks, which are filled with clean water. The toilet tank, which supplies the bidet, is often filtered and cleaned regularly. Many toilets have filters on them that help keep bathroom odours from getting into the air while they're in use; these same types of filters can be found in bidets as well.

bidet vs toilet paper

Bidets are considered to be more hygienic.

Bidets are considered to be more hygienic than toilet paper because they use clean water instead of dirty tissue. Also, the warm water used in bidets cleanses the genital area better than cold toilet paper.

Bidet toilets can be more comfortable than regular toilets as well, offering users a heated bidet toilet seat and adjustable water pressure settings that help prevent skin irritation.

Say so long to toilet paper.

Bidets are more hygienic than using toilet paper to clean yourself. Bidets are more comfortable than using toilet paper, and they can save you money, too: bidets don't require any additional supplies like toilet paper or soap. They're also easy to install--you just need an electrical outlet near your bathroom sink!

Bidet water is clean enough for everything but drinking (and even then it depends on what kind of bidet you have). In fact, it's even cleaner than most drinking water in the US because it comes directly from your tap without going through any treatment process first!


Bidet water is generally clean and safe to use. However, you should always make sure that your bidet has been properly cleaned and disinfected before using it. This will help prevent any unwanted infections or illnesses from occurring while using your new toilet accessory.