Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Bidet Converter Kit

Looking to switch to bidets but can’t afford the hassle of getting a whole new toilet? The good news is, you don’t have to! With a bidet converter kit, you can equip your existing toilet with bidet functionality. 

Bidet converter kits are a budget-friendly yet functional alternative to a full-sized bidet toilet bowl or a standalone bidet. They come in various forms, including toilet seats with bidets, handheld bidets meant to be attached on the wall beside your water closet, or attachable bidets that fit with any toilet bowl. 

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There are several kinds of bidet attachments that act as bidet converter kits. However, even with the wide variety of choices, it’s easy to commit basic bidet mistakes when you’re shopping for these kits. 

Worry not! we’re here to help! Keep reading to find out some mistakes to avoid when buying a bidet and why you should invest in a bidet converter kit right away. 

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Bidet Converter Kit

When you're shopping for a bidet conversion kit, you may come across a variety of different products. Some of these products are better than others, so it helps to know what to look for when you're shopping for a bidet conversion kit. We've put together a list of the common mistakes people make when buying a bidet kit. 

Here are some mistakes to avoid when buying a bidet in Australia. 

1. Not Paying Attention To The Toilet Bowl Size And Shape

If you’re buying a bidet toilet seat for your existing toilet, you need to consider your toilet bowl’s size and shape. 

Modern toilet bowls come in a variety of fancy shapes. They can be elongated, circular, or even rectangular. While shopping for a bidet converter kit, you must keep in mind this shape. 

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Moreover, you should also measure the dimensions before you shop for a bidet. The standard sizes can be anywhere between 16 to 19.5 inches. So it would be a good idea to use an inch tape and note down the exact measurements of the toilet bowl rim. After that, choose only the bidet that fits the size. 

Suppose you’re unable to find the right bidet toilet seat for your toilet. In that case, you can always consider buying a separate, universally compatible bidet attachment

2. Waiting For A Bathroom Renovation To Buy A Bidet

The primary purpose of bidet converter kits is to eliminate the complex installation process associated with getting a bidet. So if you’ve been holding back from shopping for the best bidet toilet seat just because you don’t have a renovation scheduled anytime soon, stop and shop right away!

Bidet toilet seats easily fit on top of your toilet bowl, and many times, you won’t even need a plumber to do the job. If you are thinking of getting an electric bidet, you might require an electrician and a plumber. But even that would only take a day’s worth of work. 

Instead of waiting, get a bidet converter kit and start enjoying the comfort immediately. 

3. Skimping On The Price

Seeing that bidet converter kits are small and seemingly simple toilet accessories, you might be tempted to go for a cheap one. But doing this is one of the biggest bidet mistakes you can make. 

Bidets aren’t something you’ll use occasionally. In fact, if you live with family, they’ll be used multiple times a day. If you buy a cheap and low-quality bidet, it might stop functioning correctly after a few uses. It might even break down mid-use and leave you in an awkward situation. 

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Moreover, cheap bidets won’t offer the features that some expensive ones do. For example, self-cleaning is an essential bidet feature that many buyers overlook. It keeps your bidet hygienic. However, cheaper models don’t have this feature. 

Similarly, cheap bidets may not offer temperature and pressure control features, both of which are crucial for a comfortable butt-washing experience. 

4. Buying An Electric Bidet Without Fixing An Electrical Outlet Nearby

Electric bidet toilet seats are super popular these days. You might want to get one too. And why shouldn’t you? They offer a range of features like pressure control, temperature control, dryer, etc. But often, in all your excitement of getting these, you might overlook the absence of an electrical outlet near your toilet. 

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In Australia, toilet paper usage has always been common. However, bidets have started gaining popularity only recently. Electric bidets still aren’t commonplace. As a result, most bathrooms here do not have any electrical outlets near the water closet. Naturally, electric bidets cannot function in such lavatories. 

Buying an electric toilet bidet without having an electrical socket near your toilet or without consulting an electrician first is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid when buying a bidet converter kit. 

Call your electrician before shopping for an electric bidet toilet seat. They might be able to install an outlet right next to the toilet. If that isn’t possible, they might use an extension cord to do the job. 

Pro Tip: If you’re worried about exposed wires that come with an extension cord, you can permanently hide them behind casing or vanity closets. 

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5. Not Having A Thorough Look At All The Specifications

Just like you’d check every feature of a washing machine or a smartphone you’re about to buy, you should check all the main features of your bidet converter kit too. 

Firstly, ensure that you know whether or not your chosen bidet offers a heated toilet seat, hot water wash, drying feature, and self-cleaning function. This way, you’ll see what you’re getting yourself into before you invest. 



Also, check whether the bidet is tankless or with a reservoir tank. Tankless bidets are excellent for small bathrooms, while those with reservoirs only fit larger ones. Also, reservoir bidets heat water in the tank, but only for single use. This might not be very efficient if you’re sharing a bathroom with family or roommates. 

Lastly, check if the price is fair considering the features being offered. Universal bidet attachments should typically cost significantly less than electric ones, and handheld ones should be the cheapest. 

6. Buying A Mechanical/Manual Bidet Without A Hot Water Supply

Universally compatible warm water bidet attachments and some mechanical bidet toilet seats offer inlets for hot and cold water. But since these aren’t electrical, they don’t heat up water on their own. 

Therefore, if you’re shopping for these, you should ensure that your bathroom has a hot water supply near the toilet. Not doing so is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid when buying a bidet. 

Also, remember that non-electric bidets will take a while before providing you with hot water, even if they have a hot water supply. So a significant portion of your wash will be cold. If this is undesirable, you should opt for electrically heated bidet attachments instead. 

7. Overlooking Bidets With Vaginal Wash Systems

Feminine hygiene is crucial to the well-being of not just a woman but your entire family too. So if you are going to invest in a bidet converter kit, why not shop for one that offers a front vaginal wash feature?

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Bidets with such a feature are indeed more expensive. However, the comfort and convenience they can offer women are unmatched. So if your budget allows, go for these without a doubt. 

Why Should You Consider Buying a Bidet Converter Kit?

Toilet bidet sprays are hugely beneficial for the environment over toilet paper. Moreover, some experts say they might be better for cleanliness and sanitation than toilet papers. They may even have unprecedented health benefits for patients with haemorrhoids, chronic constipation, anal fissures, etc. 

Considering all these, they are rightfully becoming the talk of the town. You, too, might be looking to switch to these. And if that’s the case, here are a few reasons you should invest in a bidet converter kit over a traditional standalone bidet.

1. They Are Cost-Efficient

Bidet converter kits are significantly cheaper than a full-sized bidet sink or a standalone bidet. Not only are they less expensive in terms of the listed price, but they also don’t require complicated plumbing adjustments or remodels. 

So whether you buy a bidet toilet seat, a bidet attachment, or a handheld bidet, it would still be a cost-efficient option over a conventional bidet sink. 

2. They Offer Hassle-Free and Easy to Installation

Most bidet converter kits are so easy to install that you can do it yourself in about 20-30 minutes. For some, you might need to call a plumber or electrician. But even then, the work wouldn’t be very arduous. 

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Moreover, because they’re so hassle-free, you can remove them whenever you want to switch back to toilet paper or prep your bathroom for a guest who might not prefer bidets. 

3. They Don’t Require Additional Space

Bidet converter kits fit right on top of your toilet. They don’t need any additional space in your bathroom, making them perfect for even small and congested bathrooms. Even a handheld bidet takes a small area on the adjoining wall of your toilet.

That Should Clear It!

Bidet converter kits are a great economical and hassle-free way to switch your butt-washing habit to bidets and move on from toilet papers. If you avoid the bidet mistakes covered above before shopping for a bidet converter kit, you’ll surely have a perfect bidet for your home.

Each time you use the bathroom, your experience will be filled with absolute comfort. So make a note of these before you go bidet shopping!