The Ultimate Bidet Buying Guide

People have always had strong opinions regarding washing themselves in the toilet. Commonly, toilet papers have been dominant worldwide due to their vast popularity. However, since the pandemic, we have witnessed a rise in the bidet industry among the masses. The unnecessary stockpiling of toilet paper during our tough times made people shift to alternative methods if things got worse. 

America and Australia have been no different. Toilets with bidets have since emerged to be quite common at a place where bidet seat was a term unknown to the general public. 

Previously popular in Japan and Europe, bidets have now made their way into Australian and American households. The sale of bidet seats has soared in the previous years, and people have started wondering what all the fuss is about. 

Do not worry. We have got you covered.

Here is the ultimate buying guide for bidet seats and how you can choose the best bidet for your toilet:

What Is A Bidet?

In technical terms, a bidet is a plumbing attachment installed in your toilet for the purpose of cleaning yourself. It is a mini bathtub-like fixture situated right next to the toilet with two taps on one end. The bidet is filled with water, and the user sits over it to wash themselves. 

Why Is A Bidet Important?

Studies have shown the bidets to be healthier and more efficient than conventional toilet paper. Bidets offer more hygienic cleaning and wash off the fecal matter more thoroughly than toilet paper. The water jet makes it convenient for both sexes to clean their body parts easily. Bidets provide good personal care and prevent skin irritation as per the advice of medical experts.


Users have shared their experiences of feeling amazing after using a toilet with a bidet. 

Moreover, with a toilet bidet seat, you will save a lot of money over time than what you would typically spend on toilet paper.

Types of Bidets

When you look for a bidet or toilet with a bidet, you will find a variety to choose from. While all bidets are beneficial, your preference will put you on the right course to discovering the best bidet seat. 

Some people prefer a bidet seat because it is more comfortable and hygienic than cleaning with toilet paper. Some want a toilet with a bidet to feel independent in the bathroom, and others like the environmental advantages.

Bidets come in various types, so there are practical choices whether you want relief from distressing health issues, need a bidet seat created for a larger structure, or add elegance to your washroom. Understanding the various types of bidets is the first phase in selecting the most suitable bidet for your bathroom.

Portable Bidets

Portable bidets are also known as bidet bottles or travel bidets. They are perfect if you want an unnoticeable way to cleanse yourself while on the go. They are generally compact and tiny, and they are the easiest way to get clean. You have to fill it up, adjust it towards the part that requires cleaning, and voila, you are spotless! Do not forget to fill up your portable bidet before sitting on the toilet.


We have a collection of some of the best portable bidets in Australia. Do check them out. 

Toilet Bidet Spray

Toilet bidet spray or bidet attachments and non-electric toilet bidet seats are the easiest way to add bidet shower/spray to your current toilet. These are budget-friendly, do not need electricity, and are easy to set up. 

These handheld showers can even link your washroom's hot water pipe for a warm water wash. Your home's water pressure powers the non-electric bidet, allowing it to have a powerful spray.


Non-electric bidet seats are simple and do not provide much besides a shower of water aimed at your genitalia or bottom. Bidet sprays are managed through knobs or levers on the side. These controls are not complicated but can be challenging to use if you are bigger. Moreover, modifying the controls to acquire the proper spray pressure needs practice. 

Setting up a non-electric bidet is relatively easy. The most suitable place to attach a warm water pipe is under your bathroom sink. So, your toilet should be near the basin to reach the pipe.

This type of bidet is ideal for those who want the intense wash that non-electric bidets deliver.

Check our our collection of the best non-electric bidets in America

Electric Bidet Seat

While electronic bidet seats are more expensive than non-electronic bidet seats, they substitute your current toilet and plug into your washroom's electrical opening. They are easy to set up and offer ease and convenience that provide an excellent custom wash.

Electric bidet toilet seat is ideal for people dealing with health problems like hemorrhoids, fissures, and constipation because it is heavy. These bidet seats also promise a focused wash. 


Electronic bidets are managed with a wireless remote control attached to the wall or a control board connected to the side of the toilet with a bidet

An electric bidet seat is rather impressive, but there are some things to consider before buying. First, an electronic bidet seat needs a Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters plug within 4 feet of the toilet. If your bathroom does not have a GFCI plug, you will have to set up one or use a 14-meter extension wire. Ensure the cord is off the floor where it joins the bidet seat's plug for safety.

Second, an electronic bidet seat costs more than a non-electric bidet seat. However, the added comfort makes it worth the extra cost.

Ultimately, an electric bidet seat functions on built-in pumps for water pressure. While the pressure of the spray on an electric bidet is intense, it is not as strong as a non-electric bidet seat. 

Washlet+ System

Washlet+ System has a TOTO toilet with bidet and electric bidet seat that fit together seamlessly. For individuals who want to elevate their current toilets and add bidet washing, these are the best bidet options.


There are various Washlet+ Systems to select from, so finding one that fits your bidet requirements is straightforward. Moreover, these bidets come with high-quality engineering and innovation. 

They are a  bidet seat solution that is practical and sleek.

Integrated Toilet with Bidet

An integrated toilet and bidet seat is a toilet with an incorporated bidet. Integrated units propose an elegant, contemporary silhouette, have advanced bidet technology and have a wide bidet seat that provides a super comfortable experience. 

Moreover, you will have to hire a plumber to install an integrated unit. Integrated units are also the most expensive bidets out there. They are worth the price due to their elegant features and high quality design, but it is not ideal for you if you are on a budget.


With an integrated bidet seat, you can replace your existing toilet with ease, comfort, and class.

Classic Bidet Seat

A classic bidet or traditional toilet with bidet is a separate bathroom item placed next to the toilet. It looks like a toilet with a basin-shaped bowl with a drain at the base, a spray spout, and controls for cold and hot water. The spout streams when you squat over the bowl. It is suitable for people who prefer a more classic look and need intense pressure to cleanse. 


Classic bidet seats are more pricey and complicated to install, as they need professional plumbing. They will also need more space. You will need to have the accurate measurements ready to ensure adequate room in your washroom for a toilet with bidet before purchasing one. 

There are two kinds of classic bidet:

  • Floor-Mounted Bidet Seat: This bidet seat is installed on the floor. The floor-mounted bidet seat is commonly found and is effortless to install as they need a more traditional plumbing system.
  • Wall-Mounted Bidet Seat: As the name suggests, the wall-mounted bidet seat is connected to a wall. Installing these is complicated because they require new plumbing in the walls. However, they do not take a lot of space and make cleaning more accessible because the room underneath the bidet stays open for a mop to pass under. 

Before You Buy: What You Need To Know About Bidets


The most apparent consideration before buying any product is the cost. Figuring out the best bidet seat within your budget is the most important thing. The first thing you need to do is go on to the internet and compare the prices of bidets online. Doing this will put you in line with what to expect when ordering yourself the most suited toilet accessories which will fit your needs. 

Bidet seats are different from bidet attachments and might cost slightly more. So make sure you know what to buy according to your need before placing an order. 

Average cost of bidet attachment in America is about $99 and in Australia is about $149


If you are looking to install a bidet toilet seat in Australia you need to ensure that it is done by a licensed plumber only. This ensures that the installation complies with the Plumbing Code of Australia. 

Bidet attachment can however be safely installed by yourself.

If you have any concerns regarding installation or the product, you may contact your local plumbing authority for advice. 


Failing to comply with the plumbing code may result in penalties from the local plumbing authority.

Water Pressure 

Bidet satisfaction is highly dependent on the proper water pressure. It might sound odd, but it is the truth. High water pressure will not only be uncomfortable but might also make a mess around your toilet. Similarly, low water pressure will give you a hard time washing your body parts. The water pressure needs to be at the optimum level for you to enjoy a good bidet experience.


The latest bidet seats in Australia give you an option to adjust the water pressure. This is aided by the bidet attachments that you can install with them. 


Shape and design are the key factors determining a bidet seat's comfort level. Make sure you go through a good number of options and read user reviews for bidets online before you choose one for yourself.

Water temperature is another crucial aspect for a comfortable bidet seat experience. Many bidets offer both hot and cold water options, so make sure you keep this into account before deciding.

Additional features such as heated seating can add value to your experience, especially in cold weather.

Design and Durability 

When choosing between different brands, remember that each brand will have its own identity. Some brands are known for their futuristic design features and durability but might cost you more, while others might offer you the same features with less durability on a lower budget. It is up to you to decide what you want and what you do not. 

Consider your bidet seat budget and requirements before anything else. Spending a little more to ensure durability is highly advisable as it will save you from replacing the attachments for a very long time. 


Look out for brands that have good user reviews online and those that provide warranties on the products they offer. A strong warranty reflects the product's durability and tells you that the brand expects it to last long. 

Other Tips and Features 

  • Many bidets come with pre-installed air dryers. Their functionality is similar to hand dryers that you usually encounter in public toilets. These air dryers output a suitable amount of warm air to dry out your private parts while you comfortably sit on your bidet toilet seat. The entire process might take a while, so alternatively, you can use toilet paper to dry your body parts first before turning on the air dryer to speed up the drying process.

  • You may want to consider buying a deodorizer with a valuable bidet attachment if you live in a shared living space. As the name suggests, the deodorizer takes the bowl's air and passes it through a carbon filter to eliminate significant foul odors. It is quite a helpful feature and helps you keep your toilet atmosphere fresh and odor-free.
  • Some state-of-the-art bidets offer an Eco-mode feature, which helps you conserve electricity by regulating the power usage of the water and seat heating elements. As these features are always on, the Eco mode is a must-have option for everyone, even when you're not using them.

A good bidet can revolutionize your toilet and change how you go about your hygiene habits. When choosing a bidet, ensure you don't miss out on all the essential features that you think will best suit your needs. 

Good research goes a long way, so always keep in mind that you can easily find a bidet model that will not only be at par with your requirements but will also fit your budget. 

Finally, a saying best suited for the above article here:  'Once you go bidet, you never go back.

Happy Washing!