Where do you ship to?

We currently ship to Australia, the USA and New Zealand

What are your return and warranty policy?

Rearspray bidet attachment come with a 12 months warranty. We accept returns within 30 days from the date of which you received the item, if you want to return the item please contact us before doing so. For more information view our return policy HERE.

Can my toilet accommodate an electronic bidet toilet seat?

Yes, most standard toilets in Australia will accommodate an electronic bidet toilet seat (eg., BB-1000 or BB-800) provided you: Have access to a standard Australian 220-240V electrical power point somewhere nearby the toilet or perhaps near an adjoining room; Can connect the back-flow prevention valve, T-valve and water hoses provided to the existing water inlet either outside or inside the cistern/toilet water tank; and Can remove the existing toilet seat and can secure the electronic bidet toilet seat to the seat mounting holes in the toilet bowl.

Does Rearspray bidet require electricity?

No, Rearspray doesn’t require electricity, it’s completely mechanical and the most environmentally friendly way to wash and keep clean. We do sell some bidet attachments that will require electricty please check the product descriptions first. For electric bidets and toilet seats you may want help installing them if you do not have clear access to a power source. If you have safe access to a powerpoint its pretty straight forward, but if you don't you will need to contact an electrician to install a powerpoint or the electrician may feed the cable to an adjacent room or through a wall cavity.

Is it sanitary for multiple people to use the same bidet?

Rearspray nozzle is equipped with a self-cleaning mechanism, just twist the knob and the nozzle cleans itself. Additionally, it is angled safely out of the way, protected by a full-length nozzle guard, and the auto-retracting nozzle only lowers into position when the water is activated keeping things untouched and sanitary. However, we still recommend cleaning your bidet as frequently as you clean your toilet.

Is the water hot or cold?

Rearspray uses the waterline currently attached to your toilet. There is not a cooling or heating mechanism for the water.

How to install Rearspray bidet?

Rearspray bidet is easy to install and doesn’t require any plumber assistance.
1. Remove the toilet seat.
2. Attach the bidet and replace the toilet seat.
3. Connect the bidet to the water supply.
4. For a detailed guide follow the installation manual sent along with the product.