Rearspray cold water bidet
Rearspray cold water bidet with water pressure adjustment and self-cleaning dual nozzle
dual nozzle bidet attachment
cold water bidet attachment
user friendly bidet
rearspray bidet measurements
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Rearspray cold water bidet with water pressure adjustment and self-cleaning dual nozzle
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, cold water bidet attachment
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Rearspray Bidet Attachment

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The Rearspray Bidet is a bidet attachment like no other. It is genuinely a bidet attachment made by people who use bidets for people who use bidets. With its universal fitting options, fitting 95% of all toilets and its dual nozzle sprayers that are pressure adjustable you can ensure the best cleaning experience. 


  1. Water pressure control. You can adjust the water stream from low to medium or high as the user requires. 

  2. Dual cleaning nozzle. One nozzle with a powerful spray is used for cleaning the butt and the other is used for women's private parts.

  3. Self-cleaning. When water flows down, the nozzle can be cleaned, with no need for extra effort, and is more sanitary.

  4. No electrical power is required. No batteries are needed for operation, just by water power, energy saving.

  5. Easy installation. Comes with a stainless steel hose, very easy to connect. 


Condition: 100% Brand New
Material: ABS + Stainless Steel
Color: White
Package Weight: Approx. 1.1kg


Is the water hot or cold?

Rearspray uses the waterline currently attached to your toilet. There is not a cooling or heating mechanism for the water.

How to install Rearspray bidet?

Rearspray bidet is easy to install and doesn’t require any plumber assistance.

  1. Remove the toilet seat.
  2. Attach the bidet and replace the toilet seat.
  3. Connect the bidet to the water supply.
  4. For a detailed guide follow the installation manual sent along with the product.

Does Rearspray bidet require electricity?

No, Rearspray doesn’t require electricity, it’s completely mechanical and the most environmentally friendly way to wash and keep clean. We do sell some bidet attachments that will require electricity please check the product descriptions first.

For electric bidets and toilet seats you may want help installing them if you do not have clear access to a power source. If you have safe access to a PowerPoint its pretty straightforward, but if you don't you will need to contact an electrician to install a PowerPoint or the electrician may feed the cable to an adjacent room or through a wall cavity.


Where do you ship to?

We currently ship to Australia, the USA and New Zealand

Where are you located?

We are an Australian-owned and operated business, working out of Western Australia.



Made to fit 95% of Aussie toilets

Easy it all by yourself in under 15 Min

Easily Install by yourself in under 15 min

The Rearspray Bidet fits 95% of Aussie toilets

Customer Reviews

Based on 112 reviews
Bianca McCoy
Using TP Sounds More Medival Now

Bought it for my parents. They resisted initially but eventually got over the stigma. Once you get used to using a bidet, using toilet paper again seems medieval.

Thank You Bianca! We're glad your parents liked it.

Audrey Jimenez
No need to panic buy toilet papers anymore

I love this bidet attachment. Delivered on time and very user-friendly. I guess now there's no need to panic buy toilet papers anymore lol.

Haha! True that. Thanks for your review.

Rutherford C.
I’ve been called nasty for using bidets

I’ve been called nasty for having a bidet. It’s honestly the best thing ever.

Haha... The irony.

valeria r
It’s like a massage for your anus

It’s like a massage for your anus. Haha feels so good. Thanks Rearspray.

Glad to hear Valeria, enjoy your bidet.

Dwight Jabluowski
Toilet paper sold out? Get a Bidet

Toilet paper sold out? No problem I got this bidet.

Yup! No more hoarding TP when you got a bidet.